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It may all begin with exploration and development of the metals & minerals, but the final touch is provided by innovative products & systems developed by the mining supply & services industries.

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PDAC 2009 - Toronto

Mayor Tom Laughren, Timmins Ontario; The Honourable Michael Gravelle, Ontario Minister, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines with other exhibitors.

Jock Forbes, Ontario Ministry of Northern Development & Mines.

Subbiah Srinivasan, Eng. President of Met-Chem; Stan Pence, Trade Commissioner (Energy, Environment, Mining) Consulate General of Canada-Denver with Lewis.


SME 2009 - Denver

Monika French & colleague. Jebco is your subcontracting partner in the manufacturing of customized metal products for the mining & minerals industries.


MinExpo 2008 - Las Vegas

Erik Blake - President- Icefield Tools. I am totally impressed with the precision borehole surveying technology & applications. The Gyro Shot® uses the latest nano-technology to deliver accurate surveys in a surprisingly rugged package.

Adam Twaites - Walker Magnetics National Ltd. For more than 100 years, Walker Magnetics has developed an international reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of magnetic workholding chucks, lifting, material handling, and separation applications.

Carol Barry - CUBEX High quality surface drilling equipment. The QXR with the boom mounted cab and 500 PSI drilling pressure to the highly mobilized Chimera.

Grenn Holden, Client Services Manager- Mining Solutions- Matrikon. A leading provider of integrated industrial intelligence products for the continuous process enterprise.

Kristen Randall - W.S. Tyler with Lewis at OKTOBERFEST- Hofbrauhaus. What an interesting evening witnessing the TYCAN Hydro-Clean in action with a Knelson KC-XD20 Concentrator. Clearly the next generation in washing technology that cleans material & reduces water consumption by up to 75%. The beer and delectable German food made for a very entertaining evening !

PDAC 2008 - Paul K. Smith, Liaison Geologist, Natural Resources, Nova Scotia Geological Services Division. Paul was very interested in our Canada Issues in "Mining Engineering". I listened to developments in his sector in the province. He requested copies of our publication and asked about submitting an article in the upcoming months.

PDAC 2008 - Hernan Martinex Torres, Minister of Mines and Energy, Republic of Columbia. We discussed the state of manpower fulfillments at the mines in Columbia. Mr. Torres responded in depth how the mining companies themselves had very effective training facilities in place and required little foreign assistance. I was impressed with the emphasis placed on the legal stability, & overall improvements of the investment environment. Add to this that the country is still very much largely unexplored. There were about two hundred people at the presentation session. I listened in to talk of Columbia's promising mineral potential for platinum, gold, silver & emeralds, to name a few. Representatives from the key players such as Rio Tinto, Angloamerican & Glencore (Xtrata) and seven others whom I met, were all in attendance. The matchmaking session & cocktail were effectively presented.

PDAC 2008 - Taken after extensive conversations with The Honourable Michael Gravelle, Ontario Minister, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. Topics included the role that Mining Publications International has undertaken to assist the Supply community in Ontario.The Minister expressed a great deal of interest in our innovative promotional programs that include Canada Issues in the SME's "Mining Engineering" monthly publication and assisting almost one hundred Canadian exhibitors in 2007 and 2008 to SME shows. A colleague of ours set up Canada Pavilions that attracted so many mine operators & plant superintendents that the Minister remarked, that I should keep in touch with his office to update him on our other 2008 innovations. He was happy with the many Ontario suppliers who we had helped & he pledged his assistance to our efforts to promote Ontario as the Canadian province of mining innovations.

PDAC 2008 - David Paul Achneepineskum, Chief Executive Officer, Matawa First Nations. Our talk revolved around several issues including respecting the internal affaires of their indigenous government. As was noted in "Mining Engineering" in April of 2007, he also agreed that outside forces should not get involved in internal band conflicts. Also that jobs are important and that mutually beneficial relationships with his community are essential. The truth must be spoken.

PDAC 2008 - YiRihe, delegate from the Ministry of Land & Resources, Beijing, China. We reviewed articles in our publication: "The Asia Miner". He commented that growth in his field was exceptional. Manpower was not a problem and that with new technologies, output was increasing in all sectors. He also gave me the business card of Shaanxi Metals & Minerals Resources Co. Ltd. of Shaanxi, China. I noted with interest the products that this firm is -importing- with gusto: manganese, chrome, nickel & iron ore.

PDAC Show, 2005-Ontario: Canadian Ministry of Northern Development & Mines- the Honourable Rick Bartolucci with Lewis Bonder. "The Ontario government understands that a strong, vibrant mineral sector is key to a high quality of life and a sense of prosperity, particularly for those of us who live in Northern Ontario. We also recognize that new opportunities abound."


Lewis Bonder welcomes to his right, James R. Arnold, 2007 SME President. He is the GM of the Henderson molybdenum mine near Empire, Colorado which belongs to Climax Molybdenum Co., a business unit of Phelps Dodge Mining Co. To Lewis' left is outgoing President: Brij M. Moudgil.

Wang Min, Vice Minister of Land and Resources, P.R. China with Lewis Bonder

Raymond Chan, President of Chinese Investment Club with Lewis Bonder

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